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About GPV

Gutierrez, Perry & Villarreal (“GPV”) was founded on a desire to work with school districts and other local educational agencies (“LEA”) on a more personal level.  At GPV, we believe that an individualized approach, with a better understanding of how your LEA operates, allows us to better serve your LEA.  GPV is about preventative legal strategies, an ability to think outside the box, while considering what your LEA offers.

At GPV, our practice is student-centered, allowing us to assist your LEA with a wide range of issues, spanning from student discipline, records, fees, transfers, immunizations, independent study, Section 504 and the IEP process, as well as the impact of COVID-19 and its implications for schools.

We know that now more than ever accurate, timely legal advice is needed.  At GPV we work with you toward your desired outcome, providing thoughtful and experienced legal advice, so you can focus on what you do best, serving students.

We are strong proponents of staff training.  Our trainings are unique and provide those in attendance with hands-on experience, practical legal advice, and tools and strategies that staff can use when returning to the school site, IEP or 504 table.  We are constantly thinking of new formats for trainings and ways to better assist LEAs in understanding and applying current legal requirements.

GPV provides a wide range of legal services from strategy, preventative legal advice and trainings, all the way through attendance at IEP meetings, mediations, due process hearings and appeals.  Our passion for education is apparent in all that we do, and our commitment to students is what sets us apart.

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Practice Areas

Special Education

Each founding partner at GPV practices in the area of special education.  Our collective experience spans over forty years.  We assist LEAs with a wide variety of special education issues including responding to complaints before the California Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, and the Office of Administrative Hearings, including appeals of same.  We also assist LEAs by attending IEP team meetings, providing case analysis, as well as providing personalized professional development and trainings.  Our expansive knowledge of the law, understanding of how LEAs operate, and our commitment to personalized service, set us apart from other law firms.

GPV assists LEAs with a wide array of student matters.  We have expertise in student discipline, student transfers (inter and intradistrict transfers), as well as student fees, Section 504, bullying and harassment complaints, student records, annual notices, SARB issues, immunizations, Uniform Complaints, COVID-19, grade and records challenges, and Public Records Act requests among many other areas.


At GPV, we recognize the challenges and time constraints associated with LEA investigations, whether the investigation involves student discipline, sexual harassment, bullying, or other matters. We also understand the need for an impartial third party to conduct investigations, depending upon the unique circumstances. With our training and experience, we are well-versed in handling complex and sensitive matters that often arise during investigations. Our utmost priority is to provide practical and considerate support to our clients, ensuring the comfort of both staff, students, and all parties involved throughout the process.

We offer comprehensive assistance during any phase of your investigation. Whether it be meticulously reviewing witness statements, providing recommendations based upon our findings, offering guidance on procedural requirements, or even undertaking the entire investigation from start to finish. Our goal is to alleviate the burden on your team and facilitate a thorough and fair resolution.

Now more than ever, LEAs are re-examining their special education programs. They are looking into new curriculum, training for staff, and a better way to serve their students. That is where GPV comes in. With our unique backgrounds in education, experience working with LEAs for over 40 years, knowledge gained through litigation, and information learned in partnering with LEAs, we are able to assist LEAs in program review and re-organization. We work with you to craft solutions to your programming needs through site visits, staff interviews, file reviews, and an understanding of each LEA’s goals and limitations. We provide the hands-on support you need to make sure that your LEA is organized in a fashion that meets the needs of your students today, tomorrow, and next year.

With our unique backgrounds in education, experience working with LEAs for over 40 years, knowledge gained through litigation, and information learned in partnering with LEAs, we are able to assist LEAs in program review and re-organization.

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