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Get to Know Team GPV – Trystan

Meet Trystan

A valued member of Team GPV who has been working as a Legal Assistant at GPV since it opened in 2021. Trystan’s passion for helping others and her love of education make her an integral part of our team. Recently, Trystan sat down with us to discuss her career, inspirations, and interests.

At the heart of Trystan’s work experience is the camaraderie she finds at GPV Law. For Trystan, coming into the office feels more like spending time with friends than working at your typical company. Trystan loves the culture of GPV, which is a balance between working hard and pursuing what makes you happy. Trystan has worked on many interesting projects at GPV, and she finds all of them unique in their challenges and opportunities. She has learned a lot from each project.

Trystan takes great satisfaction in knowing that her work at GPV positively impacts students, especially those in special education. Witnessing the growth and success of a school district is incredibly gratifying for her and Trystan is proud to be part of an organization that makes a significant difference in the lives of students and their futures. Trystan finds her work to be very rewarding and takes great pride in her accomplishments. Through her work, Trystan is able to help others and create a positive impact on the lives of students, families, and educators alike.

The inspiration to focus on education law came from Trystan’s family, where there was a heavy emphasis on education and several family members worked in the field – naturally drawing her to this career path. Trystan got her start in the industry thanks to her sister’s influence and encouragement.

Trystan’s best advice for her younger self is to take chances, be open to new experiences and opportunities, and not be afraid of the “what-ifs.” She encourages her younger self to remain open-minded and not cling too tightly to what she thinks she wants in life as sometimes the best experiences are unplanned or unexpected.

The last song Trystan listened to was “About You” by The 1975, which is one of her favorite bands. She recently finished the series Poker Face on Peacock and is now looking for a new show to binge. Trystan has also recently read the book Then She Was Gone and is ready to begin her next great read!

On her bucket list is traveling with her son to create lasting memories together. When her son was younger, he did not express an interest in traveling, but now that he is older, she hopes to embark on adventures with him.

We are grateful for Trystan, a dedicated and passionate member of Team GPV, who brings a unique perspective to her work. Her love of helping others and her dedication to assisting our staff and clients is inspiring, and we are so fortunate to have her on our team.

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