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Get to Know Team GPV – Tilman

Meet Tilman A. Heyer, Esq.

Recently, we sat down with Tilman, an associate attorney with GPV, to chat about who he is within and outside of GPV. Tilman shared that he is very proud of his work here at GPV. His favorite part of working at GPV is the incredible people he gets to work with, as well as the many wonderful clients he gets to interact with. Tilman appreciates that each case he works on is unique and contributes to the positive impact that school districts make in the lives of children and in the field of education.

When asked what he was most proud of in his career thus far, Tilman replied “…earning the trust of clients and colleagues in representing school districts as counsel of record in administrative hearings, state, and federal courts.”

One of the most interesting projects Tilman has worked on involves a complex due process hearing with a lengthy fact pattern, over a dozen witnesses, and an intense battle of the experts that he litigated solo. It was a rewarding experience to successfully defend the school district against all the claims alleged.

In discussing how Tilman began in the field of education law, Tilman shared that it was “more of an accident than a plan.” Many years ago, prior to law school, Tilman worked during both spring and summer breaks at various camps as an aide for campers with disabilities. Years later, while in law school, Tilman took an internship in the field. He found it both interesting and challenging, quickly turning an internship into a passion. Although Tilman initially found the subject matter to be dense, and the terminology of special education difficult to access, he nevertheless pursued his passion and was hired by a law firm that represented school districts. Quickly, Tilman began learning and growing his law practice in the niche and nuanced area of special education, finding it to be a fascinating area of law and social science. He is grateful to use his experience to help others and make a difference. More than six years later, Tilman is still learning more and more each day and enjoys providing legal representation to local educational agencies in the areas of special education and student issues.

When asked what advice he would give his younger self, Tilman responded by saying, “Relax. Everything will work itself out!”

Tilman was also asked about his life outside GPV. The last song he listened to was “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst,” by Kendrick Lamar. Currently, Tilman is reading Our Renewable Future by Richard Heinberg and he enjoys watching NBA games on TV. One activity on Tilman’s “bucket list” is to swim with sharks!

We hope you have enjoyed this very special first edition of Get to Know Team GPV. Make sure to keep an eye out next month for another employee feature.

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