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Join Us For A GOLD Experience!

Join Us For A GOLD Experience!

We are excited to invite you to attend GPV’s first annual autumn Guidance on Legal Developments (“GOLD”): A Legal Academy for Educators.

During this three-hour event, we will cover two substantive topics, addressing issues that local educational agencies (“LEA”) are facing right now. During our third segment, we will cover Legal Developments & Trends. After attending GPV’s GOLD Legal Academy for Educators attendees will be up to speed on current legal issues and trends, and will be prepared to address these issues in their unique roles in their respective LEA.

Topic 1: Child Find in the Era of COVID-19.

During this one-hour session, we will discuss how you can best ensure that your LEA is meeting its child find obligations. In the era of COVID-19, as students return to campus, educators need to be aware of their child find obligations for those currently eligible for IEPs and for those not eligible. When is an initial assessment needed? When is a new assessment warranted? How do educators ensure that their Response to Intervention (“RTI”) process and general education interventions are used appropriately and, ideally, before a referral is made? During this session, we will cover case law and provide practical advice to help your LEA stay legally compliant and ahead of the curve.

Topic 2: “That’s Not FAPE!” Addressing Private Placements.

LEAs are seeing an uptick in students being placed privately. But what does this mean for you? Is FAPE at issue? Is an ISP needed? Is this a unilateral placement? Should an IEP meeting be called? During this one-hour session, we will discuss the legal requirements for parentally-placed private school students so that when you leave the session you know how to properly respond to a notice of private placement, including ways to ensure that unilaterally placed private school students are not entitled to reimbursement for their private placements.

Topic 3: Legal Developments & Trends

During this one-hour session, we will cover recent legal developments including changes in law, as well as decisions from OAH, CDE, OCR, and OSEP. Most notably, we will discuss trends in litigation over the past year. Utilizing data samples from Northern California, we will illustrate what we are seeing in terms of due process complaints and resolutions and provide you with a practical perspective related to our unique region. By reviewing this data, we will give you the tools you need to systematically determine what areas of your special education program require further attention in order to place your LEA in the most defensible position possible for the current school year and beyond.


Oct 28 2021


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm




1930 K. Street, Sacramento